Monday, November 3, 2008

Very first blog EVER!

I've been watching youtube clips lately. I think Aubrey, aka fafinettex3 is the best make up guru ever! She made putting on make up (beautiful make up) really really easy. For that, this first blog is dedicated to her. (yay!)
Hi Aubrey, my name is Kristine. Just like you, I'm a big sucker for make up! There's something about it that gives me chills. Ok ok ok not really chills, but an unexplainable excitement everytime I buy something from Sephora, Mac Cosmetic store or even on ebay.
I have a small make up haul which I will be posting soon here in my blogspot.
My addiction started when I was in freshmen in highschool. I started FRESH. lol. My first make up was a lipstick from Wet N' Wild. It's 522A DARK WINE, and I practically use it every single day. I was 13 years old then. I was one of them. The one you love to hate because at a young age, I already wear dark makeups which tends to make me look 5 years older than I am. At 13, I look like I was 17 or 18 years old.
Anyways, my makeup now is composed of my mineral powder, 120 palette, lipsticks. I ditched my old haul because I freaked out when I found out that most of them were expired already. So at the moment, I only have like 50-70 pcs. of 'em.
Here's one of my favorite videos in youtube (of Aubrey):

Ok,I'll post some pictures tonight.


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