Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Macy's Sale

I treated myself for being so good by buying the pocketbook I've been eyeing on since I got here in the States. A Kathy. There's something in it that makes me wanna melt. I'm a sucker for bags too if you must know. And Kathy for me is a giddy in my tummy. lol. The one I got is at 50% off the original price and it's only gonna be like that until 1pm today. I didn't let my chance pass me by again.
This certain bag is soo me! It's so rugged but it's still classy. :)

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Crayonmonkee said...

i was at this lounge called penang. its a restaurant during the day and lounge at was okay.duude at one point i was so sickly crazy about bags.. i think i calmed a little thank god or else i would be dead broke. thats a really cute bag by the way.