Sunday, November 16, 2008

It almost didn't happen

Everyone in the club were either too young or too old to party. I think some them were just 22 the most. The rest are in their 40s and it's too gross to see them grind to each other's body in my opinion. All the boobies were hanging and the bouncers are as bitch as Tim Gunn! What happened to the good ol' clubbing days. The worst part of the night was when I bought my friends some drinks. The last time I partied my martini would cost $10 the most. Last night, when I asked for 3 of it, the bartender asked me for $45!!! That's without the tip yet! My good lord, That would buy me an Urban Decay Palette!!! That's freaking gold we gulped! Oh yeah, I lost one of my earrings!
Ay! Maybe God let it rained hard last night so I wont be dissappointed at some stuff. It almost didn't happen but I persisted. :)

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