Tuesday, November 4, 2008


When I purchased my 120 palette online, I know very well that it will come from Hong Kong, China. As part of my package sent, they gave me a make up brush set. It was a 12pc baby housed in a faux leather pouch. I was thrilled but too lazy to use it yet.
I'm not being picky or anything but it's something in me that doesn't want to use fresh from the store make- up brushes.
I did what I had to do. I squeezed some of my facial wash into my trusted cleaning bowl, (A LARGE PLASTIC SOUP CONTAINER FROM CHINESE TAKE-OUT) I use it because it's clear and I can see everything my brushes releases. And I wasn't surprised to see what's with the 12pc baby I got.

So ladies and fellow make up lovers, it's an imperative to always clean your make-up brushes BEFORE & AFTER you use them.



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-bebexj: said...

thank for letting us know =]
can't believe the brushes were that dirty lol