Thursday, November 13, 2008

I just got my package from cherry culture yesterday & I was too sick to blog about it. But I was able to take some pictures and swatched the items so I can share it with you beauties. Anyhoo it took longer than I expected for the package to arrive because I placed my order October 20th and I only got it yesterday, November 12th. You do the math. :)
My mom-in-law gave me the box and of course as all mothers are, she became too nosy and asked me tons of questions about it. I just told her, "Oh, some stuff I won online." HA!! basically it is like winning too because of the bargain prices they gave me. Unfortunately the mirror and the lip balm I ordered wasn't there. But I got a pretty deal with the dual eye shadow I received instead. so here it is, my package..

Cherry culture is giving out a cherry lip gloss for every order placed. I think it's regardless of the total. Anyway, I did some swatches on the eyeshadows I ordered and to my surprise, I was really amused with their cream e/s AMUSE. For a dollar each, it's a steal!!

But the dual e/s are kinda ok for me.. I mean it's not as pigmented as I am expecting it to be.. And it's too powdery when I played with it.. I'll do a review on the lipstick I got and all my lipstick collection soon. :)

Hope my blog helped you in deciding which thing to purchase at cherry culture..

Oh yeah, I so love the aloe lip gelee.. I need it more now because of my colds, my mouth area and my nose are extremely dry. The aloe helped me in making my lips smooth. And since it has aloe, it makes the healing much faster.

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