Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my eyeko.. my love..

My eyeko arrived earlier than expected! I didn't know that it will be shipped here in NJ that soon. But nevertheless, I am soooooooo thrilled about it. My husband gave me the package and all I told him was, "c'mon take a picture of me. I'm gonna brag about my babies to my blogmates!" :)

Eyeko is the latest and the cutest cosmetic line in the UK. Their products are used by the celebs like Rihanna, Leona Lewis and others. To know more about the products, go to their website and enjoy the cute colors they have there.

I can't wait to play with my new babies later! I'mma post some pictures too and tell you guys how I love them. :)

If ever you wanna buy from them, I have a coupon code for everyone to use. It's E123.





Kimberly Tia said...

you're sooo sweet - thanks girlie - you should post up your goodies that you make!! I wanna seeee, i love crafting!!!

so-FEE_ah said...

so how much was all the stuff u bought??