Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back after gazillion years

After a long hiatus from being a beauty blogger, I may formally announce that I AM BACK! Back to reviewing beauty products and back to beautifying myself again.
During my cave-woman days, I didn't put make-up and take care of myself that much. I became a beauty slacker. It's horrible!!!! Like, when was the last time I bought something and really used it? I believe it was like, almost 2 years ago.. NOT GOOD!
Oh well, I bought two lip glosses from Sephora last Sunday, and I will do my reviews on them on my next posts. Can't freaking wait!!

I hope I didn't lose my audience here on my blog. Spread the words - KRISTINE IS BACK IN ACTION!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

love package post

as i was about to remove blogger out of my system, there was a love package that came in the mail. Fellow beauty blogger, Georgina (yeah, click on her name to view her blog) and I are classmates way back in the Philippines since 6th grade i think. We've known each other since we were little kids and she has witnessed my obsessions with make up as much as she is obsessed with boybands, lol.. (Peace Gen, peace!!)
Anyhoo.. Gen posed something on her facebook wall about the wedding of our schoolmate who happened to be featured on Metro Wedding (An elite magazine in the Philippines). It was all blurry because as Gen explained, she was too excited to see that article. I patiently read the whole thing from my computer screen although my eyes are hurting already.
Little did I know that this sweet blogger will be sending me a copy here in NJ. We were talking about it a little late after Thanksgiving 2009. We lost touch, I never thought of it since then.
Come to my surprise, there was a package in the mailbox last Saturday. Me & my hubby's got curious who's it from since the sender's name is a guy (I assume it's Gen's cousin or a friend here in the United States). I am even scared to open it.
Then I bravely opened it, and was super duper duper super duper shocked to see whats inside..

Super thank you gen! I appreciated it so much!

Friday, February 5, 2010

follow me

i have decided not to be on blogger ever since i became so hooked with facebook.. booo! well, i have one blog which i am deciding to keep.
you can follow me, actually let me rephrase that.. PLEASE follow me at my tumblr, krisandmakeup.tumblr.com
I'll try to update it with my photos, adventures, make-up and whereabouts as much as possible.

Thanks girls!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1 year

today marks my first year anniversary on blogspot. nothing spectacular. its just its been a year that i am obsessing about make ups, bags, and everything cute. I actually stopped blogging recently and my wallet grew a little fatter. ugh, i don't know. is it me or is there something about this blogging that makes me poor?
anyways, i would just like to take this chance to thank blogger because i was able to meet people here. there are those who are waaaaaaaaay too snobbish for my taste and there are those as well who are really really really nice girls. you know who you are. :)
erm, i don't know maybe i'll be posting some updates soon but for now im just gonna be hanging around my facebook.
please follow me, i maybe doing something really surprising soon. :) i wanna re-vamp my blogger page pretty pretty soon.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I know I am not ugly I admit. But I am so insecure about myself because I don't know really how to shop for clothes. I gained 45 lbs during the last 3 years and dressing up is really hard for me. I wasted so much money on clothes that I will only wear for one season because for sure on the succeeding year/ same season the same clothes wont fit me. I came here size 4/6 and now I am a whopping 10/12 and sometimes 14. I feel terribly sad about this but I know some chunky girls who can dress up really good and admire them for that.
Girls, there is no limit on how much tips you could give me as long as I can afford it, I am willing to spend just to overhaul my closet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon hit the Philippines

More than 140 people were confirmed dead on the most recent tragic typhoon that hit my beloved country, THE PHILIPPINES. This wont be a beauty related blog but rather a dedication to all the people who were there and not there that suffered this tragic moment.
Last Friday, I was chatting with my friends in the Philippines telling me how hard the rain is falling back home, I wasn't shocked because Philippines shares one of the highest inches of rain since it is a tropical rainforest country. But when I woke up early Saturday morning to check up on my mom's flight to Thailand, she suddenly told me that it was cancelled.
I was soooo curious why, then I opened my facebook account just to find out that the flood reached neck deep and most people are already on top of their roofs.
I must admit that I wasn't worried about my parents because we live in a very comfortable home. My dad made sure even before buying our house that it's situated in a high land and that things like this wont be a problem for us. I was wrong. My dad's wrong. Here's the proof:

Our home before. Simple & Comfortable.

Our home after the typhoon: Surfing spot.

I felt terribly sad because 2 of our cars got drowned and we're still not sure if it's going to run. But nevertheless, I am still thankful everyone inside the house were safe because we have a 2nd floor.
Some people who were not fortunate enough lost their homes, even family members. To view more pics on what happened, please click the link:

I am also posting this to reach out. If you can give donations, it will be highly appreciated.
here's the link:

Thanks girls!!!

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