Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon hit the Philippines

More than 140 people were confirmed dead on the most recent tragic typhoon that hit my beloved country, THE PHILIPPINES. This wont be a beauty related blog but rather a dedication to all the people who were there and not there that suffered this tragic moment.
Last Friday, I was chatting with my friends in the Philippines telling me how hard the rain is falling back home, I wasn't shocked because Philippines shares one of the highest inches of rain since it is a tropical rainforest country. But when I woke up early Saturday morning to check up on my mom's flight to Thailand, she suddenly told me that it was cancelled.
I was soooo curious why, then I opened my facebook account just to find out that the flood reached neck deep and most people are already on top of their roofs.
I must admit that I wasn't worried about my parents because we live in a very comfortable home. My dad made sure even before buying our house that it's situated in a high land and that things like this wont be a problem for us. I was wrong. My dad's wrong. Here's the proof:

Our home before. Simple & Comfortable.

Our home after the typhoon: Surfing spot.

I felt terribly sad because 2 of our cars got drowned and we're still not sure if it's going to run. But nevertheless, I am still thankful everyone inside the house were safe because we have a 2nd floor.
Some people who were not fortunate enough lost their homes, even family members. To view more pics on what happened, please click the link:

I am also posting this to reach out. If you can give donations, it will be highly appreciated.
here's the link:

Thanks girls!!!

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