Tuesday, February 9, 2010

love package post

as i was about to remove blogger out of my system, there was a love package that came in the mail. Fellow beauty blogger, Georgina (yeah, click on her name to view her blog) and I are classmates way back in the Philippines since 6th grade i think. We've known each other since we were little kids and she has witnessed my obsessions with make up as much as she is obsessed with boybands, lol.. (Peace Gen, peace!!)
Anyhoo.. Gen posed something on her facebook wall about the wedding of our schoolmate who happened to be featured on Metro Wedding (An elite magazine in the Philippines). It was all blurry because as Gen explained, she was too excited to see that article. I patiently read the whole thing from my computer screen although my eyes are hurting already.
Little did I know that this sweet blogger will be sending me a copy here in NJ. We were talking about it a little late after Thanksgiving 2009. We lost touch, I never thought of it since then.
Come to my surprise, there was a package in the mailbox last Saturday. Me & my hubby's got curious who's it from since the sender's name is a guy (I assume it's Gen's cousin or a friend here in the United States). I am even scared to open it.
Then I bravely opened it, and was super duper duper super duper shocked to see whats inside..

Super thank you gen! I appreciated it so much!

Friday, February 5, 2010

follow me

i have decided not to be on blogger ever since i became so hooked with facebook.. booo! well, i have one blog which i am deciding to keep.
you can follow me, actually let me rephrase that.. PLEASE follow me at my tumblr, krisandmakeup.tumblr.com
I'll try to update it with my photos, adventures, make-up and whereabouts as much as possible.

Thanks girls!