Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker

$6.95 at your local pharmacy (I got mine at Rite-Aid)

Their claims:
  • Ultra easy-to-use felt-tip eyeliner pen for bold lining.
  • Perfectly defined look of a liquid eyeliner without the mess!
  • Lasts for 24 hours and removes easily with any eye makeup remover.
My Verdict:
- It really glides smoothly
-Stays smudge free for hours (on top of UDPP)
- Affordable

- There's a chance of drying out just like your regular sharpie
- I only found like 3 in my pharmacy so there's a pretty chance of running out soon.

Will I recommend it?
Yes. Try it. 6.95 plus tax wont harm you. :o)

Don't mind the messy eyebrows .. :)

surprise gift from makeupbabble & unuseless japanese invention

Hello ladies! I hope everyone's a great week so far. For me I had a rough day today but the moment I got home, a package of happiness surprised me. It was the "thank you gift" from
steph a.k.a makeupbabble I just think it was so sweet of her to do that. I entered her very first contest not so long ago and didn't win.. lol.. but still she sent consolation prizes to everyone who joined. Here's what I got: 1. MAC pigment sample "melon" 2. MAC eyeliner 3. "lovenote" Thank you steph also for giving me the opportunity.. kisses from new jersey! :0)


I got this book last year as a birthday gift. It was from a friend who got nothing to say but funny things. So even for my birthday, he bought me this book.

By: Kenji Kawakami

This book was created to compile all the inventions, useful or not of the japanese people. I was watching LadyL last night on blogtv when the discussion was about the japanese inventing stuff americans wont think of. lol. I posted some pictures from the book I find rather funny

lol.. that's all..

Monday, January 26, 2009


rite aid haul

After deciding not to get any make up from the pharmacy, I encountered the 75%off sale rite-aid is having. It's hard not to get anything since I've been lemmin' on this one-day tattoo ms. tia' s bloggin' about. I saw a dupe for 6.95 and decided to try it on. maybe it wont be too bad.
I also grabbed a nude lipstick from almay coz I'll be having my first gig as a make up artist to my bro-in-law's fiancee. They'll have a civil wedding this Wednesday & I'm nervous as wreck coz she trusted me with her make up!!!! I'll use the nude lippie on her..
Ofcourse, I also bought me a feminine wash..

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yu- Be Review

There was once a very dry hands. All the cuticles were crying for help. All they want was glow to come back.
Because of the winter season, the skin's breaking out terribly. Until one time, this hands came across the orange magic called Yu-Be.
Yu-be got a concentrated glycerin moisturizer that helps hydrate, soothe & smooth rough dry skin.
Yu- Be is safe and effective for the whole famliy on all dry skin areas of the body- including face & lips!!!
Yu- Be helps treat: split cuticles, chapped lips, cracked heels, calluses, burns & severe dry skin.
Yu-Be helps moisturize & protect skin exposed to the harsh elements of cold, wind & water.
Most of all, it is non- greasy and is absorbs quickly & stays locked in for hours.

So, the hands became pretty again after applying the cream only once. Imagine having it applied even more?!!Several days later, the ups man came ringing the bell, asking for the confirmation signature. It's time to upgrade my lotion to this wonderful miracle potion.

Yu- Be is available online at www.yu-be.com.
If you;'re skeptical, they have free sample. Just pay the s&h..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was trying to check the status of my order when a new website welcomed me. I think this is more complicated than the old face of maccosmetics.com but change I guess will bring them more customers. Whatchathink?!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Makeup Yard Sale

The Body Shop concealer fat pencil in #4 (Too dark for me) swatched once. Sharperner included. $2.00
Mark perfect concealer in light NIB $3.00
The Body Shop blusher swatched once $4.00
Amuse eyecolor glides bought them at cherrycluture.com but never used it. Swatched once $2.00 for everything
The Body Shop quad block eyeshadow swatched once. $6.00 good pigmentation!
1.00 both palettes (swatched once)
Clinique blush, and 2 e/s NEW $2.50 ; Johnson & Johnson's face powder in natural (swatched once)$1.50
Make-up brush set in a faux leather magnetic button case (only the eyeliner brush was used) I will include a small bottle of my MAC brush cleaner. Just to make sure, I'll let you clean it. :) $5.00
Mark foundation brush 2x used and Mark bronzer used once. $3.00 each or $5.00 for both. I will include a small bottle of MAC cleaner too.
Close up version.

You can send me an email at kristineiselectric@gmail.com

shipping fee starts at $4.00

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gran Torino

This movie is the shitttttt! I watched it on the way home from Atlantic City and boy did I enjoy it! I am usually not a fan of all talking typa movie.. But this made me listen, observe, and most especially, ENJOY THE FLICK!
Clint Eastwood rocked it.
I give it, a 5 out of 5 rating!

My Saturday.

On Saturday, my husband & I went shopping for a bed because there was a huge sale at sleepys. The thing is, we share a twin bed for the past 6 months. No complains because he works at night and I sleep alone in that bed almost all the time. But when he had his Christmas vacation last holiday, we realized that twin bed will work no more. It's time to upgrade. It has been snowing badly in here so it was only last Saturday we got the chance to buy "THE BED".
I felt that I am really married now. After 6 months for crying out loud. After 6 freaking months!!! On the back of my mind while we were shopping, "The hell, only my mommy & daddy will pick up things like this for me" But hello!! reality check Kristine, you're married now and it's time to choose your own path.. yes, that includes your bed to sleep with your husband. I was trying hard to negotiate like an adult to the salesman, when my very wonderful husband gave his card to the man. It was like, "uh, honey I'm trying to make things cheaper" But I realized that it was the best offer.

Our bed will be delivered on January 29, between 7am-11am. I can't wait.

After that, I went to Michael's to gab some stuffs to the project I have been lemming ever since I started blogging.
"The sephora inspired brush holder."

Here are the pikchas:
The beads.
The box. (lol)
I poured the beads to the glass container I got from the wedding I attended last fall.

My babies.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

mac ships for FREE!

Time to get that thing you just missed on the sale they had. Good for items less than 60 bucks. MAC will ship your item for free when you use
coupon code upon checking out. Gewd huh?!?!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

eyeko promotion

Hey girls! For every 10GBP you spend on eyeko, you will get a FREE MANGA BOOK! Plus they are giving 5 wipes for FREE! How cool is that? All you have to do is click on the picture below, shop, and upon checking out, enter my ECODE E123 and get an extra gift more. Eyeko is really good in spoiling us girls.. check them out..

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I entered my first contest and its not being the prettiest one. Makeupbabble managed to put up a contest on having the tackiest make up. I was like at first skeptical on entering but as I was going thru my make up, I realized that I was having fun selecting shades which doesn't work together. Basically it's harder to be tacky than be normal. lol.. she has great prizes for the winners. To read about the contest, here's her link:


I thnk the contest is ending soon, so those who wanna join email her asap. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

skin food 411

I need to know which shade I should buy in Skin Food BB Cream. I wanna use the line so much but got no idea what shade I should use. I am a NC30 foundation NW25 Concealer NC25 in pressed. Can somebody please help me choose my BB shade? Thanks!!!


i have so much things to blog about.. but lately I feel like nothing's coming out of my mind. I'm too stressed with a lot of things. I'm so so busy right now that I can't find time to be with my husband. :( i feel crazy. I got my mac powder already but i haven't touched it till now. whats wrong!?

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year: new ways to earn money

My husband & I decided to sign up as Avon representatives to have atleast some extra money for those "I-want-that-but-we-only-have-enough" moments.

I am doing a contest at the moment, and the prize includes:

$20 worth of Avon products of your choice

Contest details:

Go to our website: www.youravon.com/jotilano
Receive emails & updates from us

I will be drawing the names on January 28, 2009 and will immediately submit the winner's name to Glamour magazine for your free subscription of one year.

*Please be a follower also of my blog*


Yu- Be sample

It was a quick shipment from Yu-Be. I sent my request on Wednesday, and I got my free samples of yu-be products on mail last Friday. I got a total of two packages that day and had me really thrilled. It's been a while since I received something from my post man. Today, I will do my review on the product and hopefully this will help future users to determine whether they will like it or not. Here we go:

The package consists:
4 small 0.1 oz tubes Moisturizing skin cream
1 0.25 fl.oz. tube Moisturizing Body Lotion
1 0.14 oz sachet foaming skin polish

Yu- Be is known as the #1 selling medicated, vitamin- enriched skin cream in Japan. It is a glycerin- based moisturizer with vitamin E, B2 & camphor. Yu-Be is safe & effective on all dry skin areas of your body- including face & lips.

I tried on the skin cream,

After using it, I noticed that it is very much comparable to Tiger Balm. The color and the texture is exactgkIf you know how it smells like, then it is the same scent. It's nothing like a moisturizer at all. Moisturizers usually smells clean or most of the time unscented. This, smells like tiger balm, more likely an old lady. But we will see on the next few days if this will help me heal my craked knuckles due to cold weather.
Right now, I have a severe case of cracked knuckles and hopefully Yu-Be on the next few days will help me at least resolve this a little.

I got me a silicon case for my very battered camera. I am housing her in this cute package. yipee!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Eyeko Nail Polish

Nail the latest trends with Eyeko Polishes in six fashion forward shades. At just £3 for each 9ml bottle they're the perfect finishing touch for fashionistas with a price tag that won't nag your conscience.

Eyeko Punk Polish: Neon brights are hot this season so make fluorescent pink Eyeko Punk Polish your must-have accessory and get ahead of the fashion craze.

Eyeko Red Polish: This hot, hot, hot red gives a glamorous finish to your mani-pedi. Think old-skool Hollywood style like Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera.

Eyeko Pretty Polish: Go au naturel with just one coat of sheer pink for luxe-looking, super groomed nails.

Eyeko Vamp Polish: Keep nails short and blunt to nail this deep, dark midnight blue for a cool, vampy look like Gossip Girls Leighton Meester and Blake Lively.

Eyeko Disco Polish: For instant embellishment one coat of Eyeko Disco Polish will dazzle you with total glitter coverage minus the gritty feel!

Eyeko Pastel Polish: Dip your toe into the pastel trend. Two coats of this gorgeous baby blue will create that opaque sugared almond look Lily Allen craves.

Coupon Code: E123



*Review of this product will be posted soon

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yu-be free samples

I was browsing thru the internet when I came across this website. I think they have decent products and an "ok" price. I wanna try them out first before shelling out another $20.00 or more.. get your free trial here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

cutting your own bangs

I'm thinking of being stingy and go cut my own bangs (instead of going to a salon) I think this girl is amazing in explaining things. watch her instruct on how to cut your own bangs.

eyeko item of the week

Eyeko Face Off Wipes


5GBP ($7.00-8.00) FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Product Description:

Individually wrapped for beauty care on the go. Each sachet contains a pre-moistened soft towelette with an ultra cleansing formula featuring Coco Glucoside (a gentle natural cleanser derived from... you guessed it ...coconuts) and antioxidant Vitamin E. Keep a couple in your pocket, handbag, desk or car - it's the perfect clean up for dirty stop outs!
Pick up a box of 20 today!

Eyeko says: "These cleansing wipes are super soft and just the thing for removing make up in a jiffy EVEN waterproof mascara!"

My Verdict:

Personally, I love this product because it really cleans my skin after I retire from the day of make-up. It even removes my mascara without hurting my lashes. It gently removes not only my make-up but even the dirt I acquired throughout the day. Perfect for those "humm-i'm-too-lazy-to-wash-my-face-tonight" kinda thing.

I give it a 5 out of 5 rating. I love the packaging. It's wrapped individually which I think is a brilliant idea. It's not too bulky to carry. I keep two in my purse. :)

When buying, don't forget to key in E123 as your coupon code. This will entitle you to a FREE GIFT from eyeko.

Let's go ga-ga!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Nine is Mine

I claim the year 2009. Things will happen. I will conquer! This is it. This is my year! I plan to rule, I plan to be all.