Tuesday, January 6, 2009

eyeko item of the week

Eyeko Face Off Wipes


5GBP ($7.00-8.00) FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Product Description:

Individually wrapped for beauty care on the go. Each sachet contains a pre-moistened soft towelette with an ultra cleansing formula featuring Coco Glucoside (a gentle natural cleanser derived from... you guessed it ...coconuts) and antioxidant Vitamin E. Keep a couple in your pocket, handbag, desk or car - it's the perfect clean up for dirty stop outs!
Pick up a box of 20 today!

Eyeko says: "These cleansing wipes are super soft and just the thing for removing make up in a jiffy EVEN waterproof mascara!"

My Verdict:

Personally, I love this product because it really cleans my skin after I retire from the day of make-up. It even removes my mascara without hurting my lashes. It gently removes not only my make-up but even the dirt I acquired throughout the day. Perfect for those "humm-i'm-too-lazy-to-wash-my-face-tonight" kinda thing.

I give it a 5 out of 5 rating. I love the packaging. It's wrapped individually which I think is a brilliant idea. It's not too bulky to carry. I keep two in my purse. :)

When buying, don't forget to key in E123 as your coupon code. This will entitle you to a FREE GIFT from eyeko.


Anonymous said...

i love those wipes. my friend gave me some and they work well =)

Kristine said...

I know right? i sometimes feel bad when I throw it. seems like i could still use it.. lol.. (j/k)

M said...

i still didn't order anything from eyeko yet =X

Kristine said...

When you do, don't forget to put my code E123 ayt? btw, do u want a free sample of the creams? I have some to give out.. :)

Anonymous said...

yep, they're awesome. i should buy more! they're pretty reasonable (price wise).

Kristine said...

- don't forget to put in my code, E123 when checking out.. :)u'll get a free gift from eyeko.