Monday, January 12, 2009

Yu- Be sample

It was a quick shipment from Yu-Be. I sent my request on Wednesday, and I got my free samples of yu-be products on mail last Friday. I got a total of two packages that day and had me really thrilled. It's been a while since I received something from my post man. Today, I will do my review on the product and hopefully this will help future users to determine whether they will like it or not. Here we go:

The package consists:
4 small 0.1 oz tubes Moisturizing skin cream
1 0.25 fl.oz. tube Moisturizing Body Lotion
1 0.14 oz sachet foaming skin polish

Yu- Be is known as the #1 selling medicated, vitamin- enriched skin cream in Japan. It is a glycerin- based moisturizer with vitamin E, B2 & camphor. Yu-Be is safe & effective on all dry skin areas of your body- including face & lips.

I tried on the skin cream,

After using it, I noticed that it is very much comparable to Tiger Balm. The color and the texture is exactgkIf you know how it smells like, then it is the same scent. It's nothing like a moisturizer at all. Moisturizers usually smells clean or most of the time unscented. This, smells like tiger balm, more likely an old lady. But we will see on the next few days if this will help me heal my craked knuckles due to cold weather.
Right now, I have a severe case of cracked knuckles and hopefully Yu-Be on the next few days will help me at least resolve this a little.

I got me a silicon case for my very battered camera. I am housing her in this cute package. yipee!


paperdollrevenge said...

How cool! I've seen their products and have been wondering how they are. Can't wait for your full review!

mayaari said...

hope the yu-be is working out for you - I have a small tube of it and it's been coming in handy lately, with the extremely cold weather (I usually apply it to my hands right before bed)