Monday, January 19, 2009

My Saturday.

On Saturday, my husband & I went shopping for a bed because there was a huge sale at sleepys. The thing is, we share a twin bed for the past 6 months. No complains because he works at night and I sleep alone in that bed almost all the time. But when he had his Christmas vacation last holiday, we realized that twin bed will work no more. It's time to upgrade. It has been snowing badly in here so it was only last Saturday we got the chance to buy "THE BED".
I felt that I am really married now. After 6 months for crying out loud. After 6 freaking months!!! On the back of my mind while we were shopping, "The hell, only my mommy & daddy will pick up things like this for me" But hello!! reality check Kristine, you're married now and it's time to choose your own path.. yes, that includes your bed to sleep with your husband. I was trying hard to negotiate like an adult to the salesman, when my very wonderful husband gave his card to the man. It was like, "uh, honey I'm trying to make things cheaper" But I realized that it was the best offer.

Our bed will be delivered on January 29, between 7am-11am. I can't wait.

After that, I went to Michael's to gab some stuffs to the project I have been lemming ever since I started blogging.
"The sephora inspired brush holder."

Here are the pikchas:
The beads.
The box. (lol)
I poured the beads to the glass container I got from the wedding I attended last fall.

My babies.


so-FEE_ah said...

I hope ur new bed is awesome and comfy...btw good job with the brush holder

Kristine said...

Hey lovely sofeeah! I know.. It has 10 years warranty so it better be good. lol.. thanks for the compliment..