Friday, January 23, 2009

Yu- Be Review

There was once a very dry hands. All the cuticles were crying for help. All they want was glow to come back.
Because of the winter season, the skin's breaking out terribly. Until one time, this hands came across the orange magic called Yu-Be.
Yu-be got a concentrated glycerin moisturizer that helps hydrate, soothe & smooth rough dry skin.
Yu- Be is safe and effective for the whole famliy on all dry skin areas of the body- including face & lips!!!
Yu- Be helps treat: split cuticles, chapped lips, cracked heels, calluses, burns & severe dry skin.
Yu-Be helps moisturize & protect skin exposed to the harsh elements of cold, wind & water.
Most of all, it is non- greasy and is absorbs quickly & stays locked in for hours.

So, the hands became pretty again after applying the cream only once. Imagine having it applied even more?!!Several days later, the ups man came ringing the bell, asking for the confirmation signature. It's time to upgrade my lotion to this wonderful miracle potion.

Yu- Be is available online at
If you;'re skeptical, they have free sample. Just pay the s&h..


fuzkittie said...

Nice! :D I like Yu-Be... try it on your lash lines, I found it great for my lashes, haha.

M said...

i saw this the other day at ricky's! it looks tempting :P

Askmewhats said... does works wonders! that's a wonderful review

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the tips! My cuticles and hands are sooooo dry--I will go out and get some Yu-Be!


Jamilla Camel aka Crocodile Bag Skin

ANGE said...


it's such a great product- i was compelled to purchase it, after i read in a magazine that a japanese lady who climbed mt everest used this to get her skin back into shape LOL