Wednesday, January 14, 2009

skin food 411

I need to know which shade I should buy in Skin Food BB Cream. I wanna use the line so much but got no idea what shade I should use. I am a NC30 foundation NW25 Concealer NC25 in pressed. Can somebody please help me choose my BB shade? Thanks!!!


Jae said...

Which BB cream are you interested in; Mushroom, Aloe, or Gingko? The mushroom is a 3 in one BB cream and is a little bit thicker than the other two. Aloe is the moisturizing BB cream. Gingko offers light coverage.

Either way I'd say you should go with shade 2. Shade 1 might be too light for you and add a bit of greyness to your skin. A lot (not all, thankfully) of BB creams tend to have grey undertones (it helps to make the skin appear whiter), so stick to the darker tone!

I hope that helped, dear!! :D

Jen said...

everyone is raving about the infamous bb cream.. haha

Anonymous said...

i think you should try the mushroom bb cream #2. i bought that and should be getting it soon. surprisingly, i'm an nc35 and i tried the regular mushroom bb cream and it blended in nicely! it wasn't too light. it actually blends well. l'egere is also a good bb cream!