Friday, November 28, 2008

How's everyone? I wasn't able to update recently coz I was extremely busy with a lot of stuff. I got my some packages in the mail two days ago and I was so excited to open it. My hubby ordered for me the "cosmo's sexiest beauty secrets" Although he nags me about me having "too much make-ups & cosmetics" he still bought me the book. It means that he supports me with my happiness which is super duper cool. :) I love him!!!
Also in the package, I got the "cool eyes" e/s palette from eyeko. Excitiiiiiing!!! I still owe you guys the review on the palettes which I'm gonna do on my next post. :)
Anyhoo, eyeko is having another wonderful promo. For orders over 10GBP, you are entitled to use the code: FREERUDEGIRL and you will recieve the manga book which is a collection of 5 e/s, 3 lip glosses, concealer and cream blush. It also comes with a mirror!! Just by typing in FREERUDEGIRL when checking out on orders more than 10GBP. You can still get more than the manga book by typing in E123 together with the FREERUDEGIRL! Eyeko's spoiling us 2 gifts, free shipping forever.. what more could you ask for? Don't you think it's time for eyeko to be our new bff?! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

reminiscin' 2006

Music always bring about memories, bad or good, it is always attatched to the soundtrack of life. I was downloading stuff on my limewire when.. poooof! I went back to year 2006!

I know it's still early to be nostalgic about '06 but I suddenly remember everything I did on that particular year. I was 23 at the peak of my singlehood and almost everything bad a girl can do, I think I have done. Good thing nothing bad happened to me. Thank God!
I was still living with my roommate that year but I wasn't sleeping in the apartment night after night. I was almost sent to a rehab for being too alcoholic but I refused and instead tried very hard to cure myself. I always keep a stash or two of smirnoff strawberry vodka in my pocketbook and I consume it with sprite in can during working hours (Brilliant, eh?!). And on Fridays we always start our happy hour at 3pm and finishes it at 8am Sunday. F*ck that life. Though it was full of shitttt, I can still smile about life and be proud that I was a living proof of shitttty life quitter.

Officially the year 2008 was a rebirth of the new kristine. :)
I don't smoke anything anymore. I drink one bottle of beer or one cocktail the most. And ofcourse, the best would be being a one man-woman!
Together with the code FREEMINTY, enter in E123 and receive a random free gift in your package. :) Have fun shopping!


yay! I got a new haircut, but I wasn't able to take a pic of it right after they did the blow dry. I'mma post it tomorrow after I fixed it again. anyhoo, I got my Mario Badescu sample kit on the mail + the UD Palette I just bought on Saturday night. Twas lightning fast!!! Yay! I got to packages arrived. I finally gave in and purchased the Ammo Shadowbox. It's super pigmented and super pretty. I will post my new hairstyle tomorrow girls..Lemme play with my package recevied first.. ta-ta!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator + Eyeko Mascara

Wow! These products are amazing! Let me re-do the spelling, it's AMAZING!!! I'mma post an image here and you be the judge. I wasn't able to take a before picture of my eyelashes prior the products. But I found one image that I used before when I did a review on L'oreal double xtend mascara. I have a before image of my eyelashes there. Ready??
Click on the image to enlarge. (the after picture- I got nothing in there. It's my virgin

Here's how it happened:
1. Before going to meetings, I make sure that with my usual make- up, I apply my eyeko mascara and use some carmex. No matter how lazy I get I must have these applied.

2. I use Ardell everynight after I washed my face and before retiring to bed.

Eyeko's mascara has Vitamin B on it which promotes growth and prevents premature breakage. On the other hand, Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator's name says it all. lol.

Anyways, to get free gift when getting this mascara online, make sure to enter the code E123 upon checking out.

I hope skeptical peeps out there will find this blog helpful. I'm so happy with my lashes. :)


It's freeeeking cold outside. It's like 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius) and my legs and knuckles are itching like hell! I so hate cold weather especially when the wind blows hard. I'm like having wind burn right now and I have been applying cetaphil lotion all over my body and still not working. I'mma buy some petroleum jelly tomorrow at rite aid and see what it could do. blaaaah! I wish it's summer time again. I'd rather sweat than itch like this!!!
anyhoo lemme do some review on a certain Clinique product I've been using since I was in high school. It's the "all about lips."

"all about lips" is an effective treatment for delicate lip- area skin. It minimizes the look of fine lines around lips. It also smoothens the skin around the lips and its soooo wonderful in deflaking chappy lips.

PRICE: $20.00
CONTENT: 12ml.
RATINGS: 4/5 (It's kinda pricey)

Friday, November 21, 2008

I did it again (biting nails, knees shaking) I thought I'm not gonna buy one but I did.. huhuhuh and hahahah at the same time! I found a low price possible for UD Ammo with free shipping and now all I have to do is wait for it next week in the mail. ^__^ I even bought myself a pocketbook for not buying this palette, and still I gave in to the temptation.. ^_^
And kimberly tia's blog about the hair products are sooooooo tempting. I bought myself the lemon thing for my hair. It's so cute and hopefully will be useful since my hair is so stubborn when I'm trying to curl it.
gaaaaaaaah! that would be the last this year, I promise! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Macy's Sale

I treated myself for being so good by buying the pocketbook I've been eyeing on since I got here in the States. A Kathy. There's something in it that makes me wanna melt. I'm a sucker for bags too if you must know. And Kathy for me is a giddy in my tummy. lol. The one I got is at 50% off the original price and it's only gonna be like that until 1pm today. I didn't let my chance pass me by again.
This certain bag is soo me! It's so rugged but it's still classy. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UD Update

gaaaaaaaaah! I was a good girl. I didn't give in. You know why? When I was checking out with my paypal, it was asking me for the shipping method which I already chose with the total. Now, it's adding up another $6.00 which I guess wasn't fair. I tried it 5 times and still asking for the same thing. I took it as a sign.
Yeah, I still have some palettes I haven't played much yet. And yes my eyeko is super cute when I tried it earlier. I used it with my UDPP and it was a super amazing combination. :)
Now, I think I will just buy the eyeko cool eyes palette since it has the same pigmentation as UD. Plus it works very well with UDPP. Yay! I saved $31.02 tonight!!!

my eyeko.. my love..

My eyeko arrived earlier than expected! I didn't know that it will be shipped here in NJ that soon. But nevertheless, I am soooooooo thrilled about it. My husband gave me the package and all I told him was, "c'mon take a picture of me. I'm gonna brag about my babies to my blogmates!" :)

Eyeko is the latest and the cutest cosmetic line in the UK. Their products are used by the celebs like Rihanna, Leona Lewis and others. To know more about the products, go to their website and enjoy the cute colors they have there.

I can't wait to play with my new babies later! I'mma post some pictures too and tell you guys how I love them. :)

If ever you wanna buy from them, I have a coupon code for everyone to use. It's E123.




Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm panicking like a maniac right now. Tomorrow's the last day for the Urban Decay Family & Friends 30% OFF! (FFH30). I have a budget now. It has to be less than $30!!! So now I'm so torn between the two palette:
1. Ammo Shadowbox


2. Sustainable shadowbox

Both are lovely and are less than $30 when the coupon code is entered. I don't which one is better. Please, please, please, puhlease HELP me choose...

Just because

I feel fabulous tonight. Right before taking a shower, I played with my 120 palette and created a barbie inspired eye make-up coordinated with my pink lipstick..teehee.. Btw, the colors were inspired by tia's blue make-up last Saturday. :)

Eyeko product of the week

Eyeko's Magic Liquid Eyeliner is just like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow transforming potion but a whole lot cheaper! This pretty baby is being sold at cherry culture for $12.00 that's without S&H. But when you get it directly from them, it's only gonna cost you around $7.00 that's converted already to US Dollars! Pretty amazing huh?! What's more is that they will ship it for FREE! yes, F-R-E-E! also has a BUY2 GET 1 FREE PROMOTION goin on.. So, what's to lose pretty ladies?! :)

I have a code for everyone to use: E123

don't forget to use the code everytime you checkout. Again the code is E123

Check out the link for their huge discount promo for the month. :) click here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It almost didn't happen

Everyone in the club were either too young or too old to party. I think some them were just 22 the most. The rest are in their 40s and it's too gross to see them grind to each other's body in my opinion. All the boobies were hanging and the bouncers are as bitch as Tim Gunn! What happened to the good ol' clubbing days. The worst part of the night was when I bought my friends some drinks. The last time I partied my martini would cost $10 the most. Last night, when I asked for 3 of it, the bartender asked me for $45!!! That's without the tip yet! My good lord, That would buy me an Urban Decay Palette!!! That's freaking gold we gulped! Oh yeah, I lost one of my earrings!
Ay! Maybe God let it rained hard last night so I wont be dissappointed at some stuff. It almost didn't happen but I persisted. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I did it again. This is a very addicting sin. Please help me stop shop for cosmetics! I haven't bought the shu yet! But my purchased soared higher than expected. darn! After this, I wont touch the computer for like 3 days! Must refrain myself!

Friday, November 14, 2008

if vanity is a sin, then hell must glorify me!

Primer- Mac Paint (Bare Canvas)
120 Palette (Black)
Clinique Brown liquid liner
Clinique Black cream liner
L'oreal Xtended Mascara
Body Shop Curl lash

Primer- Carmex
Clinique Beauty
Clinique Rootbeer gloss

Thursday, November 13, 2008

eyeko on sale!!! WOW! They got good deal for all of us here.. They have everything that we want in one package. They're only selling it for 15 pounds. that's less than 20 bucks!! And take they do ship worldwide for free!!! yes.. anywhere in the world for free!!

E123 coupon code when you checkout..

go to eyeko's website now to check this out..

I just got my package from cherry culture yesterday & I was too sick to blog about it. But I was able to take some pictures and swatched the items so I can share it with you beauties. Anyhoo it took longer than I expected for the package to arrive because I placed my order October 20th and I only got it yesterday, November 12th. You do the math. :)
My mom-in-law gave me the box and of course as all mothers are, she became too nosy and asked me tons of questions about it. I just told her, "Oh, some stuff I won online." HA!! basically it is like winning too because of the bargain prices they gave me. Unfortunately the mirror and the lip balm I ordered wasn't there. But I got a pretty deal with the dual eye shadow I received instead. so here it is, my package..

Cherry culture is giving out a cherry lip gloss for every order placed. I think it's regardless of the total. Anyway, I did some swatches on the eyeshadows I ordered and to my surprise, I was really amused with their cream e/s AMUSE. For a dollar each, it's a steal!!

But the dual e/s are kinda ok for me.. I mean it's not as pigmented as I am expecting it to be.. And it's too powdery when I played with it.. I'll do a review on the lipstick I got and all my lipstick collection soon. :)

Hope my blog helped you in deciding which thing to purchase at cherry culture..

Oh yeah, I so love the aloe lip gelee.. I need it more now because of my colds, my mouth area and my nose are extremely dry. The aloe helped me in making my lips smooth. And since it has aloe, it makes the healing much faster.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calling all make-up junkies!!

I have a good news for everyone! You like what you're seeing?! Go to this website to find the latest make-up craze in the UK!

Prices are affordable and they do BUY 2 TAKE 1 promotion right now. Just enter the code E123 at the checkout button.

After you received your order, let me know what happened.

Btw, they ship worldwide for free!! No minimum amount.

I'm still waiting for my mascara I ordered and soon, I will do a review on them. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just got home from the doctor's office and my haul for today's compose of stuff the m.d asked me to get..
I have been having bad congestion for the past few days and putting on makeup doesn't help anymore. For today, instead of painting my face, I will be inhaling and popping some meds so I can feel better.

Good thing it wasn't something prescripted. I hate prescriptions! It makes you feel like your really really sick. Anyhoo.. I have to go for now.. I'll take a rest for a few hours hopefully I get better.


I found myself guilty from kimberly tia's blog today. Yeah, I realized the spending I have been doing and must start saving because.... because... the holiday season is fast approaching!!! Lemme take my mind and your mind out of make-up for one second and share you this bothering story.

Please take note: I do not intend to make fun of the Koreans as well as the Filipinos in this story. It happened last week to my ex-roomate's co worker in the hospital. I just think it was funny and bothering at the same time.. Read on..

Erica has a co-worker in the hospital. I forgot what her name is. Let's just call her Edna (a very typical name in the Philippines). Edna has planned on cooking fish for supper. She told her child that they will be having fish instead of the typical adobo or sinigang that evening. Her child was excited about it.
When Edna went to the fish market near her place, she explained to the Korean vendor that she doesn't want any ice on her fish. When her qeue came, Edna said to him, "Hello. No ays on may pish plis." So, the Korean obliged.
When she got home, Edna was shocked when she opened her bag of fish. The Korean didn't follow what she wanted. He placed some ice on her bag. She placed the fish on the sink and got a much better surprise. ALL OF HER FISHES GOT ITS EYES REMOVED.

Moral of the story: Please listen carefully to the insturctions. And please!!! Please speak and pronounce words CLEARLY!!!

I hope my blog help you for atleast 2 mins keep you mind off make-up!

Peace & Carrots,


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mascara review

Ok, I dragged my brother-in-law to the nearest drugstore because I can't freaking drive!!!! lol.. I have to have this certain mascara which is suppose to extend the length of my eyelashes. It's the L'oreal double extend mascara that has two brushes. One base and the other is the mascara itself. I chose the blackest black because I like the drama.

The ratings:
Price- It's almost $11.00 (pretty expensive for a pharmacy cosmetic)
Brushes- I don't know, but the brushes looks clumpy to me. I might return it later for a fresher pack.
Quality- It's 8/10 points for me. Since it did what it's suppose to do, I give credits to L'oreal. But the brushes are killing me!

Here are the pictures:
I know it looks gross from this angle, but I just wanna emphasize the effect.

This is without it, obviously my eyelashes looks normal, but after putting on the mascara this is what happens:

volume!! length!!

Viewing it normally,

(right side: with L'oreal mascara, left side: clean eyelashes)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Battling (Not Batting) w/ my eyelashes (edited)

I admit, I love the effect of eye make up when fake lashes are placed. But the hell!! I don't know how to do it without hurting my eyes! I have 3 fake lashes here in which 2 of them I invested in buying from sephora, and still they are in my box sitting pretty there. I'm getting frustrated now.
Anyways I hope this product I saw here would help my problem. It's an Ardell lashes & brow growth accelerator that has to be put overnight before going to la-la land. Ok I'm buying 2 cause I don't want to end up needing more if I liked it.
Ok I have to wake my husband up now. He works the night shift.

Peace & Carrots,

Friday, November 7, 2008


Ok, so right now I had nothing to do at home. I rummaged through some bloggers who are just like me, in love with make up!! Then something caught my attention.. lol.. again I think my AD syndrome is slowly going away.. lol. EYEKO! now, I see that almost everyone loves this line of cosmetics and I'm not sure how to use the cream! (argh!) can anyone please give me a link of a blogger that uses the cream? It looks yummy to the skin..
Anyhoo I checked their website and found a very good deal! It's BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! Almost all items are 5 pounds. Which I converted to USD is like 10pounds=$15.00 Not bad at all. And they ship for free worldwide.
ohhhhh, I am so in-love with make up!!

Shameless me

I give credit to ladylonline for this idea.

I need to earn atleast $150.00 so I can get myself some starter stuff from Mac cosmetic store. I really don't have any mac stuff because I can't afford it yet. But with your help my chickas I might be able to make my dream come true. Any amount is very very very much appreciated. By the way please don't mind the email address I have on my paypal. I use that on my online transactions. :)
Please, help a sister out here by clicking the button on the left part of the screen. Right below my picture. Thanks!

for those who loves online shopping

click here

sign-up, choose your favorite store, shop at their online store and receive a big fat check every 3 months. Or for more details, read their FAQ segment in the website.


I usually get bored when watching instructional videos, but aside from fafinettex3 there is one more person who caught my attention deficiency syndrome. Watch enkore do a homemade lipgloss in my attachment. I think he's Filipino, whatchathink?!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

online shopping

Yeah, I also did some online make-up shopping at They got cute stuffs which also fit my budget. I didn't buy anything that costs more than $2.00 a piece. Literally, they sell affordable make-up in there. So for those who are on a tight budget but still wants to look pretty, I highly recommend the website.
These are the stuffs I shopped for:

It only totaled less than 20bucks and that includes S&H. How amazing is that huh?!


Ok, the pain is gone and I hope it wont come back cause I will panic like a maniac! Anyhoo I did some lip job last night. And for those who are thinking naughty, I APPLIED LIP PRODUCTS AND MADE MY LIPS CUTE, ok? lol.
My problem is my lips. If Angelina Jolie is blessed with two upper lips, I on the other hand got two lower lips. Meaning, they got no shape baby, yeah! Anyhoo, This is the before & after of my lips:

To get this lips I used:

1. Lip primer- Carmex
2. Lipstick- Mac Satin Red Lipstick A57
3. Lipgloss- Lancome Juicy tubes- She shines

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

throbbing pain

I don't know what's wrong but there is a throbbing pain on my right breast. It just started when I fell asleep at the couch on my side. I don't know if it just went numb but it was like 7 hours ago!!!
It's still hurting. I'm too scared to go to the hospital and have myself checked. I hope this go away tomorrow, or else..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We have a new president! And this time it's not someone conventional. Today marked a new era in American history. President Barack Obama swept American voters big time in the last election held on Tuesday November4, 2008. They need 270 electoral votes to win the election and Obama bagged 338 votes versus the 139 Mccain got.
I don't know what to say. I didn't vote because I'm not a citizen yet, but certainly I will be very much affected by this result since I live here in the United States. I like him to win really but I'm scared for his life. So many threats so many controversies.
America, please be blessed. :) President Obama, :)


When I purchased my 120 palette online, I know very well that it will come from Hong Kong, China. As part of my package sent, they gave me a make up brush set. It was a 12pc baby housed in a faux leather pouch. I was thrilled but too lazy to use it yet.
I'm not being picky or anything but it's something in me that doesn't want to use fresh from the store make- up brushes.
I did what I had to do. I squeezed some of my facial wash into my trusted cleaning bowl, (A LARGE PLASTIC SOUP CONTAINER FROM CHINESE TAKE-OUT) I use it because it's clear and I can see everything my brushes releases. And I wasn't surprised to see what's with the 12pc baby I got.

So ladies and fellow make up lovers, it's an imperative to always clean your make-up brushes BEFORE & AFTER you use them.



Comments.. comments

I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts on make up!
My haul is just starting to grow again as I've dunked most of 'em in the trash a couple of months ago. I realized that there are so many rules about make-ups and it should be followed, or else.. regret it. here are some of the facts that I learned and all of us should know about.

Thank you to iVillage for the article, Are your cosmetics past their use-by date? by Eva Gizowska. The following is a simple guideline to follow when you are cleaning out your makeup bag.

* Oil-Free Foundation: 1 year
* Cream or Compact Foundation: 18 months
* Concealer: 12-18 months
* Powder: 2 years
* Blush and Bronzer: 2 years
* Cream Blush: 12-18 months
* Powder Eye shadow: 2 years
* Cream Eye shadow: 12-18 months Eyeliner: 2 years
* Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months
* Mascara: 3 months
* Lipstick: 2 years
* Lip liner: 2 years
* Lip gloss: 18-24 months
* Nail Color: 1 year

So technically, make-up can last only upto a year and anything that has been with you longer than that should be carefully examined well and swatch tested every now and then.

They also mentioned that some make up, especially MAC COSMETIC lasts for 10 years or more if kept in a good condition.

What do you think? I love to hear your comments! :)



Monday, November 3, 2008

Very first blog EVER!

I've been watching youtube clips lately. I think Aubrey, aka fafinettex3 is the best make up guru ever! She made putting on make up (beautiful make up) really really easy. For that, this first blog is dedicated to her. (yay!)
Hi Aubrey, my name is Kristine. Just like you, I'm a big sucker for make up! There's something about it that gives me chills. Ok ok ok not really chills, but an unexplainable excitement everytime I buy something from Sephora, Mac Cosmetic store or even on ebay.
I have a small make up haul which I will be posting soon here in my blogspot.
My addiction started when I was in freshmen in highschool. I started FRESH. lol. My first make up was a lipstick from Wet N' Wild. It's 522A DARK WINE, and I practically use it every single day. I was 13 years old then. I was one of them. The one you love to hate because at a young age, I already wear dark makeups which tends to make me look 5 years older than I am. At 13, I look like I was 17 or 18 years old.
Anyways, my makeup now is composed of my mineral powder, 120 palette, lipsticks. I ditched my old haul because I freaked out when I found out that most of them were expired already. So at the moment, I only have like 50-70 pcs. of 'em.
Here's one of my favorite videos in youtube (of Aubrey):

Ok,I'll post some pictures tonight.