Monday, November 24, 2008

reminiscin' 2006

Music always bring about memories, bad or good, it is always attatched to the soundtrack of life. I was downloading stuff on my limewire when.. poooof! I went back to year 2006!

I know it's still early to be nostalgic about '06 but I suddenly remember everything I did on that particular year. I was 23 at the peak of my singlehood and almost everything bad a girl can do, I think I have done. Good thing nothing bad happened to me. Thank God!
I was still living with my roommate that year but I wasn't sleeping in the apartment night after night. I was almost sent to a rehab for being too alcoholic but I refused and instead tried very hard to cure myself. I always keep a stash or two of smirnoff strawberry vodka in my pocketbook and I consume it with sprite in can during working hours (Brilliant, eh?!). And on Fridays we always start our happy hour at 3pm and finishes it at 8am Sunday. F*ck that life. Though it was full of shitttt, I can still smile about life and be proud that I was a living proof of shitttty life quitter.

Officially the year 2008 was a rebirth of the new kristine. :)
I don't smoke anything anymore. I drink one bottle of beer or one cocktail the most. And ofcourse, the best would be being a one man-woman!

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Kimberly Tia said...

oooo california maki -- you must put up a tutorial for that, i sooo wanna learn ^_^