Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mascara review

Ok, I dragged my brother-in-law to the nearest drugstore because I can't freaking drive!!!! lol.. I have to have this certain mascara which is suppose to extend the length of my eyelashes. It's the L'oreal double extend mascara that has two brushes. One base and the other is the mascara itself. I chose the blackest black because I like the drama.

The ratings:
Price- It's almost $11.00 (pretty expensive for a pharmacy cosmetic)
Brushes- I don't know, but the brushes looks clumpy to me. I might return it later for a fresher pack.
Quality- It's 8/10 points for me. Since it did what it's suppose to do, I give credits to L'oreal. But the brushes are killing me!

Here are the pictures:
I know it looks gross from this angle, but I just wanna emphasize the effect.

This is without it, obviously my eyelashes looks normal, but after putting on the mascara this is what happens:

volume!! length!!

Viewing it normally,

(right side: with L'oreal mascara, left side: clean eyelashes)


tel said...

taaartssss hahaha yey plopers!

Kimberly Tia said...

seeeeeeee isn't it just horrible??? blogger is evil I tell youuu EVIL!!!

us poor defenseless shoppers... HA HA HA