Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I found myself guilty from kimberly tia's blog today. Yeah, I realized the spending I have been doing and must start saving because.... because... the holiday season is fast approaching!!! Lemme take my mind and your mind out of make-up for one second and share you this bothering story.

Please take note: I do not intend to make fun of the Koreans as well as the Filipinos in this story. It happened last week to my ex-roomate's co worker in the hospital. I just think it was funny and bothering at the same time.. Read on..

Erica has a co-worker in the hospital. I forgot what her name is. Let's just call her Edna (a very typical name in the Philippines). Edna has planned on cooking fish for supper. She told her child that they will be having fish instead of the typical adobo or sinigang that evening. Her child was excited about it.
When Edna went to the fish market near her place, she explained to the Korean vendor that she doesn't want any ice on her fish. When her qeue came, Edna said to him, "Hello. No ays on may pish plis." So, the Korean obliged.
When she got home, Edna was shocked when she opened her bag of fish. The Korean didn't follow what she wanted. He placed some ice on her bag. She placed the fish on the sink and got a much better surprise. ALL OF HER FISHES GOT ITS EYES REMOVED.

Moral of the story: Please listen carefully to the insturctions. And please!!! Please speak and pronounce words CLEARLY!!!

I hope my blog help you for atleast 2 mins keep you mind off make-up!

Peace & Carrots,


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