Saturday, November 15, 2008


I did it again. This is a very addicting sin. Please help me stop shop for cosmetics! I haven't bought the shu yet! But my purchased soared higher than expected. darn! After this, I wont touch the computer for like 3 days! Must refrain myself!


Crayonmonkee said...

LOL trust me i know what you mean buying costmetics left and right it is an addiction its so crazy. us girls can't really help ourselves thats the sad part lol.
imagine if we add up all the money we've spent buying make up

Kimberly Tia said...

oh boyy... welcome to the world of the beauty blogger where everyone is enabling everyone... I've gone mad too, so you're not alone... love your smurfy header ^_^

Gladys said...

this is beauty junkie land... and it will happen again... no doubt!!
Oh look more pink, and shiny stuff... must buy!!! hahahahahh