Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's freeeeking cold outside. It's like 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius) and my legs and knuckles are itching like hell! I so hate cold weather especially when the wind blows hard. I'm like having wind burn right now and I have been applying cetaphil lotion all over my body and still not working. I'mma buy some petroleum jelly tomorrow at rite aid and see what it could do. blaaaah! I wish it's summer time again. I'd rather sweat than itch like this!!!
anyhoo lemme do some review on a certain Clinique product I've been using since I was in high school. It's the "all about lips."

"all about lips" is an effective treatment for delicate lip- area skin. It minimizes the look of fine lines around lips. It also smoothens the skin around the lips and its soooo wonderful in deflaking chappy lips.

PRICE: $20.00
CONTENT: 12ml.
RATINGS: 4/5 (It's kinda pricey)

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