Wednesday, December 17, 2008

secret santa surprise

Dear "my pick"

Hello, how was your day? Did you get the package I bought you? I'm worried it might have gotten lost or something. I haven't seen your blog yet about my gift. Uh0oh!!
Aside from that gift, I have something for you. I ordered some stuffs from my friend and it arrived already. Hopefully I might be able to drop by the post office tomorrow morning and send it to your address.
You don't know who you are huh? I badly wanna scream your name and tell you that "I hope you like what I got ya"
Whoever you are, send me an email if you got the gift already. Or I might yell at the retailer whom I ordered it from.

Peace & Carrots,

Secret Santa Kristine

1 comment:

Ahleessa said...

I'm sure the other blogger will get your gift! :)

Thank you for welcoming me back!