Monday, December 8, 2008

Eyeko Samples

I know all of us are "die-hard" fans of sample cosmetics right? I am sending Eyeko samples to those who are interested with the product. I have been discussing Eyeko throughout my blogs and I was thinking why not share the marvelousness (if there's a term) of my love, Eyeko.

Things that will be sent out are the following:

1. Eyeko Cream
2. Eyeko Tinted Cream
3. Facial Wipes
4. Eyeko Fat Balm

*Unfortunately due to lack of supplies, I can only accomodate upto 10 chics out there.

To start off, please email me at:

I will only charge $5.00 to cover containers & shipping costs.


Tammy said...

I swore I left you a comment the other day..didn't I??? Either way..I live in NJ too! I'm about 5 minutes away in Lodi, but I was raised in Passaic. Wuzzy & L told me about you and your blog, I added you on my blog, hope that's ok!

It's really sweet of you to give out samples of these..the wipes are pretty awesome!

paperdollrevenge said...

Wow that's so nice of you! I've been so curious about Eyeko. How are you going to go about this...are you going to put the creams and balms in sample jars?

Jen said...

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I'm definitely going to snag that Strawberry Scrub! What are you thinking of getting?

Anonymous said...

are you still sending samples out?