Monday, March 16, 2009

TUTE OF THE DAY: How to empty you wallet in 2 days

For the past two days, I've done nothing but spend my hard earn money on my addiction. I know it's not healthy, but everytime I get something, I become a child again. It's like a stress buster for me to acquire a new cosmetic or two. In two 2 I must have spent a couple of Benjamins, and yes they are sitting pretty in our room. Here's the damage:

Make up remover (2 of em- one was sent *wink)
Lip pencil (2 of em- one was traded w/ the tube of Hope in jar)
Mandom Q10 facial cleanser

Caboodle make up organizer from Walgreens.

(I don't know why this happened, I keep tilting the pic 90 degrees but still, the same shittt)
My Philosophy skin care line.

Lately, I have been obsessing on skin care instead of makeup. I even wear less makeup nowadays.

Not in picture: I bought set of bottoms from Victoria Secret, stuffs for my swap with Steph and 11 tops. I'm planning to change my wardrobe AGAIN :o)


xoannie said...

Whoaa that's a lot of money! But hey, you earned it so you should spend it how you want! Hahah I am in desperate need of a job so I can spend too!

MiuMiu said...

i think shopping is a great stress reliever..unless you go over on your credit cards XD

xoannie said...

I've sent you the invite!

Askmewhats said...

I love the way you titled this post! hahahaa That is so cute! and you're right, it's so easy to empty your wallet I guess we're all good with that

I love all your hauls though :) Worth it!

robin said...

organizer is lovely. :3