Wednesday, March 18, 2009

too lazy to post something worth reading

I'm so random lately and nothing creative is coming out of my mind. I hate it when events like this happen.
-As of now, I am obsessing about my skin therefore, I am indulging in too much skin care products. I don't use make up too often and my husband's loving it. He hates to kiss me when I'm all caked up!
-Just finished watching American Idol. I think it's becoming more boring than ever. The talents they've picked to sing aren't comparable to the ones before.
-I'm so paranoid with the issue on 2012. Google it. Or better yet DON'T GOOGLE IT! It's scary as shitttt.
-I'm jealous of the blogger beauties who had a ramen sesh at Ippudo. Imma go there this Sat night with my girlfriends.
hmmmm.. what else..
-Stephanie, I sent out the swap goodies last monday. I emailed you the tracking number. I hope the babies get to you safe.
-I'm currently broke. Can't afford no shit!
-I wanna chop my hair off!!

that's all..

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fuzkittie said...

Skincare is good! Haha, can never be TOO indulgent in it...