Thursday, March 12, 2009

Philosophy's Hope in a Jar

I always complain about having dry ashy skin. My friend gave me a tube sample of this moisturizer and dang.. did it beat my clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Anyhoo I am planning to get this on Saturday at Sephora together with other goodies I'm lemmin on..

Hope in a jar does what it says. It's like having your skin drink water and not oil. I can't explain how wondeful this product is. It's like my skin is firming up too! I love love love love love this moisturizer.


Julienne said...

Ooh, I LOVE hope in a jar! It hydrates so well and my skin loves it. :0) I went through almost all of my 2 oz jar, but then my eyes got sensitive and burned whenever I used it. :( It did the same for the other versions.. *cry* lol

fuzkittie said...

Sweet! Glad it works so well for you!