Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What was in the box?!

Remember the box I posted before? When I had my blind swap with Stephanie of DSK Jewelry? Well well well now is the time to unveil what was in the box..

This is so sweet of her to give me some of her creations for free

This is my most favorite. I love it coz it's PINK!! and I am lusting over PINK!

Next is this very cute aquamarine blue rhombus stud. This is what my ex roommate's lemmin' for. I wanna give this to her but I told her to visit Steph's website and purchase it from the Swarovski Princess herself..

I haven't worn this yet but I will soon. I'm attending this party next next weekend and I'm definitely wearing this cute dangling earrings there!!!!

To catch more of Steph's collection, please visit her website:


DSKNguyen said...


Swarovski Princess hahaha I wish!

This is the bra I LOVE!

They just came out with the new push up version hahaha

Jamilla Camel said...

I love those DSK earrings!

Rai said...

Those earrings are so cute!

fuzkittie said...

So cute!

Linda said...

Wow! So pretty! I love her creations.

K said...

How pretty!

Sarah said...

These are gorgeous! The pink is beautiful, so sparkly! Love your blog! I've just added myself as a follower, hope you don't mind : )