Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My favorite age will be 23 (Picture overload)

THIS IS MY FOR MY BIRTHDAY CONTEST. Please click here to see the details

Ok let's face it. I met my husband when I was 24, married him at 25. A couple of weeks from now, I will be 26. But reality speaking, my favorite age would be when I was 23. When I hit that age, a lot of major life changing things happened to me. I would say that things fell into place after 23. This is my major door that I faced. I was at the most crucial stage of my life when I turned 23. Let me tell you why..

I was in the Philippines when I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I cannot even remember how I celebrated it. All I know is that I was working too hard that I am barely at home nor at my ex bf's plans. I am the busiest career woman at age 22. After I turned 23, I became part of Fitness First (A major gym in the Philippines & in Asia/ Europe) Philippine team.

Just when I was having the time of my life, I had to make the biggest decision ever. I had to leave my awesomest job and go to Las Vegas to work for my ex bf's business there. I said YES and moved to LV. My ex BF said that we'll make our plans here in the United States. I came in first and he never followed me. That was the most shattering part ever. I was in tears for two weeks. But I was a strong woman. I never gave up on life and decided to quit the job in LV and move on with my life. That's when I hit the Big Apple and tried making it there. It was also an emotional moment to me to be in NYC because after 10 years of not seeing my brother, I had the chance to meet him again plus his child, my second nephew!!!

Look at my fantastic sweatpants & f21 jacket. lol.. I don't know what was I thinkin wearing that!!
My nephew. Cedrick. He's 4 months old at this picture. He's a cute 3 year old todd now..

Ok, so I explored New York as if I have never been there before. I actually gone to the Big Apple back & forth when I was younger with my family. But I've never seen it by myself. As an independent woman. I explored and survived NYC at the age of 23. Whenever I am in the subway, corny as it may sound, I always play Frank Sinatra's New York, New York. His lyric's so true, "If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere" I am sure alot of you agrees to this.

At Coney Island.

My friend flew from Madrid, Spain to see me. I miss her. Totally. We conquered Manhattan like a maniac tourist. LOL

Rupert Jee- The famous deli guy from The David Letterman Show.

It's me on the Bronx.

Street fair at Madison Ave.

I also had the chance to work in the Fashion District as an "Emily" to this fashion designer. That was the whipped cream on my apple pie. I had the opportunity to memorize the subway stations as that jerk (yep he's a guy) keeps asking me to return stuffs at bloomingdales, macy's, barneys, soho and almost everywhere. I had to keep it up coz I have to make it in New York!!!!!

After a few months ,I decided to move to New Jersey because I am having too much of the city. Also, my brother lives in a studio apartment with his wife & his kid and having me there will be too much of a load already.

That's when my good old friend from the Philippines coincidentally contacted me and offered me her place in Jersey City. A 15 mins subway ride to Manhattan. At first we were living under the supervision of her mom which was actually cool. But after sometime her mom has to go back to the Philippines to take care of something. That's when things fell into place.
We got no friends no family no nothing in New Jersey. All we did was to party, to eat junk food and to fatten our asses off as we go through each day. It was in NJ that I felt that I was thrown into the ocean, thriving to live. Striving to survive. It was very very difficult.
Looks like we're doin pot here but we're NOT!!! I was so smashed by my only companion in life, alcohol. I was 23 when I started my alcohol addiction..

Booze is the only happiness I got.

I lost touch with my brother, my parents and to the whole world when I was 23. I felt so abandoned. I was hating the world and loving it at the same time.

I was hating the fact that my parents allowed these things to happen to me. Not caring to come visit and check on me, not caring to send me money so I can be fed with good food. But I was loving it at the same time coz I could do whatever I wanted to do with my life. I can go wherever I want.

Then came my 24th birthday.
I had a blast celebrating it in the city. But after a few months after I turned 24, I realized that I am no longer a kid wasting moments life has given me. I decided to become an adult.

I was F*cked up when I decided to call my parents and thanked them for the wonderful opportunity they gave me to be an independent woman.

So there you have it my blogmates, my ups & downs of being 23. It was a great experience being 23. But it was more exciting ending it and becoming a real adult.


KiLLaCaM said...

you are a soldier for living it up in NYC! we are almost the same age and if that was me, i would have felt so lost. I commend you for being so brave in a big city like that. Hell, I get nervous just going to San Francisco! lol.

your story has been inspirational and I loved looking at all the pics!

Tammy said...

WOW!! You went through so much!!! You really are an independent woman!!

DSKNguyen said...

I loved reading your story. I felt like the I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T song was supposed to be playing in the background or something!

M said...

great picss! :)

man i miss being 23!

L said...

That was an awesome post and lemme tell you somethin... u should be effing proud that you made it in NYC. Sinatra is right about that sh*t. I neva lived there but I know people from there (hub's from there) and how drainin' and difficult it is to keep pushin' in tha city. and im sorry fo'tha rents and for makin' u feel that way. sometimes all we can do is understand that tough love is just THAT... in the end, ur here and ur well.

xo, thanks for sharin this.