Monday, February 23, 2009

Eyeko's newest promotion

Hello!! I am here again to talk about my love, Eyeko. I just received an email this afternoon about their new promo for those who will shop online worth £10.00 or more of their goodies. I highly suggest getting at least 2 nail polishes at £3.00 each and the make up remover wipes (£5.00). That will total to about £11.00. Upon checking out, put in the code LIPARAZZI and you will get the most famous lipgloss in the UK worth £15.00 each for FREE!!! Also, you can put in my code E123 to let them know I helped you be informed about this. From what I know, they will also give out something for you when you put in my code. Thanks!!!! And yeah.. I forgot to mention that they also SHIP WORLDWIDE FOR FREE!! What's not to love about them?! I love eyeko, you'll love eyeko too!

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