Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Best Sale yet!!!

Makeup Yard Sale by Jamilla.
Ok ladies, what do u expect to get when I tell you that you only got $30.00 to spend on make ups? I know some of you will say, "uh, 2 lipglass" some would even say "a UDPP and a lipstick" I got more than what I was expecting out of my 30 bucks.. I finally gave in to Ms. Jamilla's sale and got the best offer yet..

L'oreal foundation, MAC Foundation, HIP duo (Barely used)
MAC shitssss (Prep+Prime, loose mineral foundation, concealer)

Get ready to drop your jaw NARS ORGASM blush!!!!!! a tear almost fell.. lol

2 MAC e/s palettes (barely used) BRAND NEW Dior bronzer/blush

She even threw in this cute mask and a Bobbi Brown eye pencil sharpener.

How cool is that?!! And everything were shipped priority..


DSKNguyen said...

You got some good stuff! I saw JC's post and everything was sold out now I know who it all went too :)

Nars Orgasm..*drool*

M said...

that's awesomeness! i think i totally missed the sale :T

Sofee said...

OMG that was an awesome deal!!! u were lucky :D

fuzkittie said...

WOW what a great deal you got!!! Haha, great job~

Linda said...

Those are some awesome goodies!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

I'm glad all that stuff went to a loving home--now, we need to see a FOTD!!


Marietta said...

Whaat??Im so jealous!!But its great for you girl, you got all the high class stuff fr great pice! :)

Anonymous said...

All that for 30$?! Damn, you are lucky!!