Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back after gazillion years

After a long hiatus from being a beauty blogger, I may formally announce that I AM BACK! Back to reviewing beauty products and back to beautifying myself again.
During my cave-woman days, I didn't put make-up and take care of myself that much. I became a beauty slacker. It's horrible!!!! Like, when was the last time I bought something and really used it? I believe it was like, almost 2 years ago.. NOT GOOD!
Oh well, I bought two lip glosses from Sephora last Sunday, and I will do my reviews on them on my next posts. Can't freaking wait!!

I hope I didn't lose my audience here on my blog. Spread the words - KRISTINE IS BACK IN ACTION!

1 comment:

Galaxia said...

yay! looking forward to your reviews : )