Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1 year

today marks my first year anniversary on blogspot. nothing spectacular. its just its been a year that i am obsessing about make ups, bags, and everything cute. I actually stopped blogging recently and my wallet grew a little fatter. ugh, i don't know. is it me or is there something about this blogging that makes me poor?
anyways, i would just like to take this chance to thank blogger because i was able to meet people here. there are those who are waaaaaaaaay too snobbish for my taste and there are those as well who are really really really nice girls. you know who you are. :)
erm, i don't know maybe i'll be posting some updates soon but for now im just gonna be hanging around my facebook.
please follow me, i maybe doing something really surprising soon. :) i wanna re-vamp my blogger page pretty pretty soon.


Cola├žo said...

congratulations! XD

:):P:D~LiZZiE~:):P:D said...

That's cool! I followed u! Can u follow my blog too? http://www.neacfeng.blogspot.com